Autocomplete Unit Conversion Calculator

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The Autocomplete Unit Conversion Calculator lets you quickly find and convert units without first having to know the category of the unit.

Just start typing either the "From Unit" or the "To Unit" in one of the autocomplete boxes, and then select it from the dropdown list when it appears. Then repeat this for the second unit in the other box (the "To Unit" is automatically restricted to the category of the "From Unit" if the "From Unit" has already been selected). As you make changes, the result of the unit conversion is displayed realtime.

Units can be typed in as any combination of singular or plural forms, abbreviations, or alternate spellings (e.g. "meter per second squared", "metres/s2" or "m/s2"). You can also narrow the choices by typing in other information like unit category (e.g. "density"), region (e.g. "US"), or SI unit ("SI").

To change the "From Unit" quantity, you can enter numbers as a decimal (0.125), fraction (1/8 or 1 1/8), or scientific E notation (1.25E-2)

To search even faster, try typing only the first few letters of each word (e.g. to search for the SI unit for density, type "si d"). To select the first unit in the dropdown list, hit either the "enter" key or the "tab" key.

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